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hot runner system

Renovation, troubleshooting and repair of parts and accessories of Iranian, European and American hot water systems, such as manifolds, nozzles, temperature controllers, sequential controllers, etc.
Converting cold channel templates to warm channel.

Introducing the nozzle


MT series nozzles made of body and guide bush (nut) with special steel material with heat treatment plus nitration and tip (needle) made of high hardness special copper material, with two types S for single cavity molds and M type for multi cavity molds are.
According to the injection capacity (according to the weight of the product) these types of nozzles in different sizes MT13, MT15, MT20, MT25 MT30, MT35, MT40, MT50.
And also according to the dimensions of the mold, they are available in various standard heights or according to the customer’s order.

Educational videos

Grinding material

In addition to the system of using special filters, another solution for the use of grinding materials in hot runner systems is to choose the appropriate type of system by considering the rheology and behavior of the polymer materials used, as well as the functional requirements of the product. In this clip, we will examine this issue in two parts.