Plastic injection molding hot runner systems
Increasing quality and reducing waste
The cause of material burning during injection

Do hot runner systems burn materials? What is the reason for the presence of black streaks on the product? To answer this question, we must first examine the main reason or reasons for material burning and what factors are involved in this phenomenon, so stay with us.

Does the hot runner system increase production costs?
Does the hot runner system increase production costs? Due to their high price, hot runner systems increase the price of molds and due to their maintenance costs, they increase production costs in the short term. But this is not all the story and these systems are caused by the reason of the removal of the channel -Saving the consumption of raw materials
The use of grinding materials in the hot runner system
In addition to the system of using special filters, another solution for the use of grinding materials in hot runner systems is to choose the appropriate type of system by considering the rheology and behavior of the polymer materials used, as well as the functional requirements of the product.

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رفع ایراد نصب نازل MT

استفاده از محصولات پلیمری تقریبا در تمامی صنایع از جمله صنایع خودرو سازی، بسته بندی، تجهیزات پزشکی و دارویی، اسباب بازی، لوازم خانگی و آشپزخانه

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Flow form of plastics

Plastic rheology or the science of behavior of plastics is the science of flow and deformation of flows, which describes the interaction between forces, deformation

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