• Nozzle gate effect: Pin Point Gate
  • Nozzle type: S type – M type
  • Height: They are available as standard or according to the needs of the customer’s order
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MTO nozzles are responsible for directing the molten polymer simultaneously from the manifold to several wells or points in the mold.

The nozzle (MTO Nozzle) of the construction pylon:

This type of nozzle is made of body and guide bush (nut) with special steel material with heat treatment plus nitration and tip (needle) of special copper material with high hardness.

This series of nozzles have two S types for single cavity molds and M type for multi cavity molds.

According to the injection capacity (according to the weight and dimensions of the product) these types of nozzles in different sizes MTO13, MTO15, MTO20, MTO25 MTO30, MTO35, MTO40, MTO50
Also, according to the thickness of the mold plates, they are available in various standard heights or according to the customer’s order.

Among the features of this type of nozzles, the following can be mentioned:

These nozzles are of the Pin Point Gate type and the gate effect in them is in the form of a needle (at least) and is suitable for the production of parts with high aesthetic sensitivity.
In addition to the needle effect, this type of nozzle has a circular gate effect (similar to the butterfly effect) on the product.
It has the ability to inject polymer materials with high injection power, including PE/PP/PS/SB/ABS/SAN, and the use of other materials is also possible under special conditions.
Installing these types of nozzles inside the mold requires simpler machining operations than the MT type.
The body of the mold needs less hard work in the sealing area. If necessary, change or repair the size of the diameter of the inlet gate, the changes are made on the nozzle guide bush.

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