MOLL nozzle

  • Nozzle gate effect: Open Gate
  • Nozzle type: Type S – Type M
  • Height: They are available as standard or according to the customer’s order.
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MOLL nozzle

The hot channel system is responsible for directing the molten polymer from the manifold to the mold cavities.


The nozzle (MOLL Nozzle) of the construction pylon:

MOLL series nozzles are made of body and guide bush (nut) with special steel material with heat treatment plus nitration and tip (needle) of special copper material with high hardness.

This series of nozzles have two S types for single cavity molds and M type for multi cavity molds.

According to the injection capacity (according to the weight and dimensions of the product) these types of nozzles are in different sizes (MOLL13, MOLL15, MOLL20, MOLL25, MOLL30, MOLL35, MOLL40, MOLL50).

Also, according to the thickness of the mold plates, they are available in various standard heights or according to the customer’s order.

Among the features of this type of nozzles, the following can be mentioned:

These nozzles are of the Open Gate type and the effect of the gate on the product is greater in both diameter and height compared to other types.

Compared to other types of nozzles, this type has better conditions due to its Open Gate in the production of products with the percentage of milled polymer (along with impurities).

Capable of injecting polymer materials including PC/PC+ABS/PP/PE/PS/PES/ABS/PEI/SAN/TPE/TPU/PPO/PMMA. The use of other materials is also possible under special conditions.

Installing these types of nozzles inside the mold requires simpler machining operations than the MO type.

The mold body requires less hard work in the sealing area.

The unwanted flow of materials after the cooling operation (so-called scale) is significantly reduced in this type of nozzles.

Due to the possibility of machining operations on the guide bush (due to its long length), this type of nozzle is also used in semi-heated systems. In addition, they can be used on uneven and sloping surfaces on the product.

The dimensions and size of the gate hole of these nozzles are determined according to the customer’s order and request.


If needed, changing or repairing the size of the diameter of the inlet gate, changes are made on the nozzle guide bush.

Product manufacturing company; Pilan Sazeh

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