SSR-PID temperature controller

    • Function: PID, Manual
    • With the ability to: softstart, standby , reset , auto tune, manual
    • Number of channels: Single channel (with fan), eleven channels, single channel (without fan), twelve channels, two channels, three channels, four channels, five channels, six channels, seven channels, eight channels, nine channels, ten channels
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Technical specifications of TMC-V series controllers

Input power: three phases (from three channels up) 220V_380V_50/60Hz
Input sensor: J and K type thermocouple
Tolerance: 1 degree Celsius
Accuracy class: high
Power output: SSR
Function: ON/OFF, PID
Allowed power: 20A_100w-4400w
Permitted operating temperature: -55 to 10 degrees Celsius
Permissible operating humidity: 35 to 85 percent

SSR-PID temperature controller made by Pilan Sazeh brand from TMC-V series has SSR power output, this temperature controller with two PID and ON/OFF functions is for temperature control of hot runner systems of plastic injection molds.

Investigating the SSR-PID temperature controller capabilities of Pilan Sazeh

Standby: This feature was used to clean the manifold or the nozzle by determining the amount and time of the output voltage.

Reset: In case of wrong setting of the controller by the operator, the temperature control parameters can be restored to the previous state with the ability to reset.

Auto Tune: In order to calculate the PID values for a more stable operation of the controller, you can use the Autp Tune feature.

Other features of the SSR-PID temperature controller include:

fast-burning fuse to protect against heater short-circuit currents or heater and thermocouple displacement connection
Equipped with a system for detecting error codes caused by wrong installation and displaying the error code
Equipped with a flexible cable connecting to the mold with two command sockets at the beginning and end

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