Crescent shaped veil

  • Property: Mold holder tool
  • Veil sections: It has two fixed and moving parts
  • The crescent curtain is a suitable product for clamping molds and industrial parts.
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Mold clamp

Holding tools are among the most important parts in the industry that prevent the parts or tools from shaking or moving during work or machining. Various tools are available in the industry under the name of holding tools, each of which is selected according to the desired part or industry.

The mold cover is one of the maintenance tools, and as its name suggests, it is used in the mold making industry and is used to keep the mold stable. The main use of the mold cover is to keep the plastic mold stable in the plastic injection machine, that is why it is also known as the plastic injection mold cover. Another application of the mold process is to keep the mold on the work table during its construction.

Resistant metals such as steel are usually used to make the cover of the mold, so that its strength and resistance are maximum and it does not suffer from problems and fractures against pressure and impact. Usually, the veil of the mold is produced in different sizes with different shapes, depending on the type and size of the mold, the suitable veil is selected.


Efficiency check Mold Clamp:

In order to close the mold on plastic injection molding machines and pneumatic machines, various clamping devices and mold covers are used.

The molding part of these plastic injection molding machines has two fixed and movable parts, and in the fixed part, because the mold remains in place and does not interfere with the process of doing the work, you can use the mold covers of the plastic injection molding machine.

The material of the self-adjusting crescent or claw curtains of Pilan Saze company is made of GGG60 cast iron, which can be considered in the category of impact-resistant crescent curtains.

The crescent curtain is a suitable product for clamping molds and industrial parts.

Product manufacturing company; Pilan Sazeh

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